TV Without a TV Five Things About ‘Orange Is The New Black’ Episodes 7 and 8, Season 2

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It was a banner week for "Orange Is The New Black," the series earning a bevy or barrage or a barrevy of Emmy nominations yesterday for their season one work. And gosh-darn-it, if Crazy Eyes doesn't end up walking away with a trophy of her own that night, I might ... I might ... well, I might do absolutely nothing about it (I mean, really: What on earth could I do, anyway?). But it would be disappointing, nonetheless. Obviously. Anyway, behold five things about episodes seven and eight when ... read more


Pop Goes the Culture Trollin’ on Netflix: “Leprechaun”

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So, after the primary election, coverage of the Battle at Monocacy's 150th anniversary and regular day-to-day duties, I got a bit burnt out recently and neglected my pop-cultural blogging duties ("Wait, you had a blog?" — everyone). But now I'm baaaaaaack, and I'm starting again with the highly anticipated new entry into my internationally beloved Trollin' on Netflix series, which, I'm sure you remember, is me talking about all the awful horror movies I stream on Netflix Instant (of which there ... read more

TV Without a TV Netflix Pix – July 2014

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(P.S. Yes. The Emmys will be discussed next week.) July, July. Fireworks. Hot dogs. Patriotism. Sunshine. Sunburn. Hamburgers. The beach. Friends. Family. Water. Heat. More heat. And yes. Even more heat. This month's set of Netflix Pix is one of the strongest we've had in a while. And by "strongest," I mean, "At least I didn't have to spend three hours culling the instant stream library this time to find five things we haven't already listed." Naturally. So, yes. This is my happy face. From ... read more

Guardian of the Artifacts Getting Away From It All?

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I have been sort of on vacation this past week.  I didn’t go on a big trip, I just took a little time off from work to get some projects done at home.  I did find some time to have fun though, as I visited a few local spots.  Too many times the local attractions get put on the list to visit later, and then “later” never happens!  So, one afternoon we took the short drive over to Jefferson, Maryland to tour the Distillery Lane Ciderworks.  I wasn’t expecting to be reminded of work there, ... read more

Jurispundit Here Lies the Truth

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Lying. We all do it to some extent. Why, shading the truth, omitting certain facts, little white lies and outright huge fish tales are just as American as mom, apple pie and Chevrolet. But, aside from tearing at the moral fiber of our country and our souls, what does lying really do for us? On some level, it protects the target of the lie from painful truths. "That dress doesn't look good on you," or "I'm seeing someone else," or "You're qualifications aren't what we're looking for." Still ... read more

Eye on Social Media Get More Out of LinkedIn’s Publishing Platform

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Seeking to do even more for the professionals utilizing its services, LinkedIn has recently rolled out its new publishing platform. While long articles may be new to LinkedIn, it won’t take long for users to discover the best ways to utilize the new platform for improved networking and business promotion. To help shorten that learning period, here are a few tips to keep in mind as you begin to utilize this new tool: The Same Rules Apply Following general advice and best practices for posting ... read more

Guardian of the Artifacts Clara Barton’s Bed, Part 1

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I have some exciting news for all the Clara Barton fans out there!  The National Museum of Civil War Medicine is working with the American Red Cross in Washington DC to put Clara Barton’s trunk bed on display!  Since we are still working on some environmental and security issues at the Clara Barton Missing Soldiers Office, the trunk bed will be displayed at our main museum.  A trunk bed, as the name implies, is a small bed, or cot, which folds into a trunk to become more easily portable.  This ... read more

TV Without a TV Five Things About ‘Orange Is The New Black’ Episodes 5 and 6, Season 2

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First thing's first: A new Netflix Pix will hit the World Wide Internet next week. For now, though (and because we already missed a week of this), we are going to continue forward with our "Orange Is The New Black" series a day before Friday. Why is that? Because who wants to read about the prison system when we are supposed to be out there celebrating freedom, gosh-darn-it! FREEEEEDOMMM! Yeah, anyway. Behold five things about episodes five and six of this latest "Orange Is The New Black" ... read more

TV Without a TV And Now It’s Time To Talk About Aereo And The Supreme Court.

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“We are not against people moving forward and offering our content online and all sorts of places, as long as it is appropriately licensed. Innovation is still alive and well and thriving." Well, yeah. But ... . The top nugget was buried at the bottom of a New York Times piece authored by Emily Steel. It was published yesterday and it was what we like to call the second-day (or, at this point, at least, the third- or fourth-day) story regarding the Supreme Court's decision to rule against ... read more

Eye on Social Media Social-Mobile: Shopping for a New Generation

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Social media sites are no longer just about sharing grumpy cat photos or letting followers know what kind of mood you’re in. Whether people are on Facebook, Twitter or Pinterest – just to name the big three – big-name brands and businesses are there, too. They’re spreading the word about their products and services, and in the process of doing so, trying to engage the consumer. Although engagement is important, what really matters is simple: sales. Brands are now, more than ever before, ... read more