High Note Melodic Intoxication

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Have you ever thought of how music drives our thoughts, and arouse our emotions? How can one song make us happy, and the next song make us sad? Why does a particular sound resonate in the human ear better than others? There is a deeper power in music that society may not initially recognize. “Music” is defined as an auditory communication of art through organized sound which affects both the physical and mental aspect of the body. It can leave an unspoken message resonating in the hearer’s ... read more


Confident Commuter The ABCs of Transit: K is for Killing Time

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A new report issued by the United States Department of Transportation, Beyond Traffic, acts as an “an invitation to the American public to have a frank conversation about the shape, size, and condition of that system and how it will meet the needs and goals of our nation for decades to come.”  The report, which is available at http://www.dot.gov/BeyondTraffic, discusses the quality of transportation in the United States and what needs to be done to increases our D+ grading (the quality of our ... read more

TV Without a TV Netflix Pix – February 2015

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And ... just in the knick of time! On the very last day of the month, here's a lightning round of suggestions for you to stream on Netflix. Remember: Only a few hours until March! 1. "House Of Cards" - Because, duh. The episodes went live just yesterday and even though I haven't been able to sit down with the season premiere, that trailer sure did look ominous, no? It's the flagship series from the company that is the future of television consumption. Yeah, I had my problems with season two, but ... read more

Three Chords and the Truth Eli Young Band ready to “Turn It On”

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Mike Eli, James Young, Chris Thompson and Jon Jones have a come a long way since getting together as a band in their college days in Denton, Texas. That was 15 years ago and the band of musicians is now more like a band of brothers. "Bands break up. Brothers are family and families works things out," said Jones, who plays bass for Eli Young Band. That's how this band works, and works well it does. With three number one songs under their belt -- "Crazy Girl," "Even If It Breaks Your Heart" ... read more

Jurispundit Here We Go Again

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I've been slammed over the past few weeks. So this is another classic hit. And still somewhat relevant: A couple of weeks ago, I sat in rapt attention as the President of the United States delivered (or, more than likely read) his State of the Union Speech. Most of the highlights were hit: America is strong (doubtful); the economy is recovering (as long as more and more people drop out of the workforce, the unemployment numbers can remain artificially low); and peace and prosperity for all Americans ... read more

The Trendzone Dylan Gardner plants roots in music world with first album, Adventures in Real Time

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Up and coming pop musician Dylan Gardner looks like he could be the fifth member of The Beatles. He exudes Alex Turner (Arctic Monkeys) vibes with slicked back dark hair and a button up. Gardner has an old school aura with a pop rock fusion sound that places him into today’s music scene. Gardner’s debut album, Adventures in Real Time, was released on May 13, 2014. The album is an eclectic mix of songs. The singer, songwriter’s first album ticks several genre categories including pop, rock, ... read more

Nationals Inquirer So What if it’s 12 Degrees? Spring Training Starts This Week!

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Hello, Washington Nationals fans! It’s finally that time of year again – time for Major League Baseball players to brush the mud off their cleats (wait, who am I kidding – they all get new shoes each spring), rub some oil on their gloves (do they get new gloves too?), and grab a new bucket of shiny white baseballs (with some residual mud from the Delaware river). Spring Training starts this week, and the Washington Nationals have a lot to look forward to and a lot to live up to as well.   After ... read more

Eye on Social Media Color Me Marketing: How Color Helps or Hinders Your Branding

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What comes to your mind whenever you look at McDonald's' iconic Golden Arches logo? Do you think, "Wow, what a nice shade of yellow." Or is it more along the lines of, "Thank goodness, I could use a quick meal right now." If you're like most people, it's probably the latter. Most of us are visual creatures. We process as much as 90 percent of information about the world through our eyes. Because color is one of the first things we notice, we're programmed to have different psychological responses ... read more

Three Chords and the Truth Josh Thompson: On songwriting, hunting, short hair and being a dad

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Josh Thompson's "Way Out Here" may be my favorite album, except for maybe his second album, "Turn It Up," which released (finally!!!) about a year ago. It was a long four years between albums for his fans, The Chrome Bullet Crew, and for the singer/songwriter himself. I caught up with Josh by phone in Nashville, one of those days at home but still working writing songs and getting into the studio "to create some kind of magic out of it," he said. He's working on another album but doesn't have ... read more