Saved by a pet cleanup bag

by Naomi Pearson. 0 Comments

Bleh. I had a nasty bout with a stomach bug on Wednesday.


(Don’t read any further if you have a sensitive stomach!)


At 5 a.m., while I got ready for work, I felt kind of queasy, but I blamed it on the inhuman hour of waking (I’m not really a morning person) after a relatively late night. A little bit of apple juice instead of breakfast settled my stomach somewhat, and less than merrily I headed off to catch the train.


By the time I reached Carroll Street , I knew things weren’t going to go well for me, but since I have no sick days accrued yet, this being only my second week on the job, I had no choice but to press on. I promised myself in consolation that if I felt worse, I’d leave early anyway.


My only problem then (aside from figuring out how to get back to Frederick from DC during morning hours), was figuring out what to do if illness hit me hard on the train ride down.


As I cut through the linear park, a solution presented itself to me. I grabbed a couple of the plastic bags (“Terrier toilet totes!” I thought, “Canine crap cases!”) from one of the pet cleanup stations – just in case.


After I arrived at Union Station, I wasn’t feeling too bad (an extra hour and a half of sleep!). Until I went downstairs to catch the Metro.


You know that aura you get right before…the one that tells you that you have no time to find a restroom, walk more than ten steps or even take two more breaths…and then it’s too late? Yeah, I had that.


I was embarrassed to be sure, but was spared abject humiliation. Yay for the bags from the Carroll Creek Linear Park pet cleanup station!


Just one more reason I love Frederick .




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