Finding a Common Thread

by Naomi Pearson. 0 Comments

Wow, Frederick – way to make a girl feel welcome to join the community!

In my last post, I asked for suggestions on how to make friends in Frederick . Despite receiving 212 views of that particular post, not a single person offered any ideas.

But no worries; I already had a plan.

A dear older woman taught me to quilt when I was a young girl. I loved it, but as I got older, I grew too busy with other interests to pursue it. After all, what teenager would pass up fun with friends in order to sit and sew? And needless to say, none of my friends then shared even a passing interest in quilting.

Now that I’m older -- albeit just as busy – I have learned to better manage my time (somewhat), and to appreciate more the precious art and skill passed on to me. Having discovered two quilt supply shops (Needles & Pins and Sisto's) within walking distance from my apartment sparked the realization that there had to be enough quilters in the area to support both stores even with a Jo-Ann Fabrics in town.

I consulted the Internet and found there were local quilt guilds, one of which held meetings right downtown. GLEE! (For me, at least.)

So I rushed straight over from work to sit in on a meeting of the Clustered Spires Quilt Guild. This month, they were celebrating the Guild’s anniversary. The ladies welcomed me, invited me to join in the festivities and explained the usual order of business during the meetings. Despite being the youngest woman there and the most visible minority, I felt right at home. The ladies made me feel like a new friend they wished to get to know, rather than the curious stranger I was.

Sometimes, to make friends you have to search out people who share your interests, as I did, and walk around with the attitude that everyone you encounter is a friend you’ve yet to meet, as the ladies of the Guild did.


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