I shall remain

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Yes, I'm still here, and brimming over with things to say, but we are in the middle of packing for a move, which is kind of hard to do with only three or four hours in the evening to attack it.

Another post is forthcoming in the next few days.

In the meantime, has anyone seen the Native American artifact/replica display in the Frederick library or watched the first couple of installments of the PBS series, "We Shall Remain"?

I'd love to see it, but alas! I have no TV. I'll try checking it out online.

I know one of my friends has a role in the series, and I'm betting there are a few other aquaintances from powwows* past making an appearance.

Despite the impression that the artifact display might leave and the popular belief that Native American people are themselves relics of the past, let me say that we are no more left behind in history than the Irish, the Jews or the Polish. We have survived. We adapt. Just as that of others, our heritage also lives on.  And we too, shall remain.





*Scroll down past the headers after clicking  the link for an explanation of powwows.

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