Simple Pleasures: Then and Now

by Naomi Pearson. 0 Comments

When I was a kid, living in the middle of nowhere was a huge adventure every day. My brother and I helped tend the garden from whence more than half our groceries came. We didn’t miss television since our menagerie of cats and dogs supplied endless entertainment and company as we embarked on hours-long woodland expeditions. “Going into town” for shopping with our parents was excitement a-plenty, especially since we usually spent the whole day out and about in the city.


I’m not quite so far out here in the part of Walkersville where I live as my childhood home was-- there are at least five traffic signals within a 15-minute walking distance, whereas in the town where I grew up, we had to walk about a half hour to even get to a stop sign. The nearest traffic light was two towns over. Now I can walk to the supermarket, the library and the post office, much as I did when I lived in Frederick . However, that’s about all there is to do here -- at least without a car.


Perhaps I’m just not as easily entertained now as I was in childhood. But then again, I’d just like to be able to maybe stop at Wal-mart or maybe spend an hour or two at the mall or in downtown Frederick on my way home from work. Can’t do that though, because unlike the buses that run through Frederick proper until about 9 pm, the Walkersville connector stops running at around 5 pm. After that, only two commuter shuttles head north after meeting the MARC train, but solely to make drop-offs. I take the next-to-last shuttle, but I can’t stop off at Wal-mart or Giant, and then catch the last run, because there are no pick-ups. And that just makes me sad. I guess I’ve been spoiled by the comparative convenience of Frederick .


Maybe the lesson I need to learn is that I’m just supposed to recapture the joy of simple living and the homespun entertainment of my youth.


Or maybe that I should just get a car.




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