Things I’m Thankful For

by Naomi Pearson. 0 Comments

Despite the inconvenience of being car-less in a city with more limited bus service than I'm used to, I'm thankful I live in the Frederick area.

First of all, most of the places I tend to go are within walking or biking distance. Yes, it's kind of a trek into downtown Frederick from Walkersville, but it's doable and gets me out and about in a healthy way.

Also, as I've gotten more settled here, I've discovered interesting things to do that aren't all that expensive, and don't demand more of me socially than my shy (believe it or not!) self can handle at once. Of course, there's riding my bike and plenty of safe places to do it. There was my garden this summer--and the container plants I brought in. But there are also music lessons, dance classes and quilting groups in which I'm more or less involved, to various degrees.

Each day, just on my commute, I get to know more of my immediate and more distant neighbors in a comfortable and low-key environment. And while I haven't been able to do any traveling in other countries, I still get to meet and make friends with folks from around the world: Columbia, India, Ireland, Egypt and more.

And I probably would have taken a lot longer to discover or learn about all this if I'd had a car.

I will get a set of wheels soon enough, but I'll keep in mind that I might be missing out on other new friends and adventures if I rely too much on it.

More things I'm thankful for to come....

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