The opening bell

by Dan Rice. 0 Comments

We all have our little quirks, let’s call them.  I could never explain mine, but, ever since I was 8 year old, I’ve been following the wacky world of sports entertainment, or so they call it these days. And, while I’m much more interested in the back stage politics or the creative end of the business these days, I still consider myself as something of an old-school fan.

Before I get too far into this blog, though, let me answer a few immediate questions.

No, I don’t think it’s “real,” per se. And, while we’re at it, the performers themselves have stopped pretending that they’re “real” a long time ago. It’s no more real than any action movie you’ve ever seen, anyway.

The difference is, though, unlike most of the big actions stars, these guys do all their own stunts, and usually only have one take. Plus, they run their shows several days a week and practically every week of the year.

And, yes, the acting is generally much worse than most movies, too … though, certainly not all. I’m sure we’ve all seen some pretty bad movies over the years. But, I have a hard time blaming the lack of acting ability on the in-ring performers. These guys aren’t trained as actors in the conventional sense. They’re trained to perform inside the squared circle.

And, yes, I realize the stigma that’s usually associated with this specific brand of entertainment.  I’m certainly not the biggest fan of everything they do or have done. In fact, there are a number of angles I wish they would’ve skipped over the years. But, as a form of escapism from the usual day-to-day stuff we all face, I could think of far worse ways to spend my time. Probably quite a few better, too, but old habits die hard.

At any rate, I’ve had my own thoughts about the state of the business over the years, and now I feel like sounding off on them. But, in the end, this is just going to be one fan’s perspective.


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