Not Feeling so Fresh in Frederick

by Naomi Pearson. 0 Comments

The last couple of weeks, I've been hard-pressed to come up with an entry that relates to being "Fresh in Frederick," the theme of my blog title. Instead of shopping on Black Friday, I was grieving my grandfather. My uncle called to tell me that my granddad had died twenty minutes before. We knew granddad wasn't doing well, but hadn't expected this so soon.  I was going to call him on Thanksgiving, but got too caught up in everything else and then it was past his bedtime. So I determined to call the next day, Black Friday. What made it worse, was that I was just looking up the number to his nursing home in my cell phone when I got the call from my uncle.

So let me just say this -- while holidays are times to spend with family, don't EVER put off calling or writing or visiting a loved one. Yes, you might expect to see them two hours later across the table at Thanksgiving dinner or gather with them around the Christmas tree in a few days or see them at church next week or whatever. It doesn't matter -- the moment that person crosses your mind and the very first chance you have, even if you have to MAKE the time, get in touch with him or her. A little bit later might be too late. You'll never regret the extra call, but you'll always regret the one you didn't make.

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