Still Fresh in Frederick?

by Naomi Pearson. 0 Comments

Frederick county has been my home for a good while now, so I wonder if I can still say that I'm fresh in Frederick. I suppose compared to those who are from here or have lived here for years already, I am still pretty new.

Kind of like the year.

So far, the beginning of 2010 feels a lot like the end of 2009 -- but colder. It actually reminds me of Syracuse so far, especially with all this wind and the 2 feet of snow we had a couple of weeks ago -- before the official start of winter.

New season, new year, (relatively) new resident -- I wonder what lies in store for all three. The rest of winter will be exactly what it will be (COLD!!!!) without any interference from us. The new year will likely bring lots of surprises and lots of business as usual, a good portion of it influenced by our choices and some completely out of our control. And as a (still) new resident, I'm sure I'll find more things to discover about my new home -- things bad, things good and things unique to the area.

I can't wait!

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