Tidbits: NYC’s Hosey

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I’ve been receiving random promotion emails mostly advertising bands, CD releases, and upcoming events ever since I started blogging last summer.  While the random solicitation is a little annoying, sometimes on rare occasion I actually receive something of interest.  The most recent of these solicitations which I found to be interesting was a plug for an “instrumental hip hop” band called Hosey.  Hosey is actually a New York duo consisting of Patrick Phalen on turntables and Matt Hughes on Bass.  At first I didn’t know what to expect, but on listen I was pleasantly surprised that Hosey was not rap like, but more rock like with some crazy good samples mixed in.  In fact, they include not just great instrumental music samples but pop culture phrases from shows, movies, cartoons, etc.  Some of my favorite samples are The Simpsons in It’ll Happen to You , Marvin Martian in Just a Few Seconds , and 30 Rock in So There’s a Girl .  Unfortunately, there isn’t much on the WWW about Hosey, but I recommend checking out their latest release Goodbye Bikini Island on hosey.bandcamp.com and the two previous albums V II and 1994 also.  You can listen to all the albums for free and even download them for free if you like, but I’d say these boys are worth the 10 bucks!

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