Do you like surprises?

by Naomi Pearson. 0 Comments

Do you like surprises? Yeah, neither do I -- in general. But, Frederick is full of surprises and some aren't so bad.

For instance, the closing of Lafayette Gallery space at the corner of Market and All Saints (where the new salon is) was a sad, but not entirely unexpected surprise. It turnes out though, that Lafayette Gallery is presenting a "pop-up" art gallery this month in the vacant first floor office space of Cannon Hill on South Street. The opening reception was June 4 with sculptures and paintings by four local artists. On my way home from the Delaplaine the other day, I stopped by to peer in the windows. I plan to get a closer look one weekend when the space is open (June 19 & 20 or 26 & 27), before this show closes. I look forward to seeing where the a Lafayette Gallery show will "pop-up" next!

I encountered another surprise when I moved back into Frederick from quiet little Walkersville. At first, I thought fast-moving thunderstorms were nearby, but it seemed odd that they were only rolling through on the weekends. But then, for a while didn't we have beautiful weather during the week only to be greeted by weekend rain? Then my heart sank as I heard an all-too-familiar popping sound accompanying the rumbling. Didn't I move out of the big city in the first place to get away from nightly gunshots? And then it hit me, as I ran to one of the windows. Not a bullet, but the realization that my new home was so close to the baseball stadium that I could see the post-game fireworks from window. Sweet! I LOVE fireworks!

Surely there will be more (pleasant) surprises to come. I can't wait!

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