Welcoming Another Fresh Face

by Naomi Pearson. 0 Comments

I have a friend here that is newer to Frederick than I am. This makes me very happy, since that means we can get together more often now since she’s just down the road a bit instead of on the other side of the state.

We took short tour of a few blocks of downtown several days ago and plan to cover the rest of downtown over the next several weeks. We’re both excited about it -- she gets to become acquainted with the town, I get to revisit and share some of my favorite places, and with new businesses appearing almost like magic, we both may discover future treasures together.

Since I get to play tour guide, I’ve been compiling a list of some places I consider must-sees based on the tastes she and I seem to have in common. And I will share some of them with you, too! (Of course, I have other favored places, but they’ll have to wait for another time.)

The Library - It’s staffed by lovely people in a lovely and comfortable building full of books. With a balcony! And I do love to read. Enough said.

The Visitor's Center - Lots of local information, tours, and extremely helpful and friendly folks who truly seem to love Frederick and sharing that love with those who are interested.

One of a Kind - The owners are funny and helpful and have filled their store with all sorts of fun-ness, from delicate perfume bottles to wienerdog figurines, from tunics to teacups, from parasols to pashminas and plenty of jewelry.

En Masse - The flowers and greenery are always top-notch and the owner* or one of her staff will gladly shape a bouquet out of whatever plants you pick, or given free reign and a budget, create a spot-on, one-of-a kind floral showpiece just to your taste.

Quynn’s Attic - The food is delicious and pretty and not too expensive, the service personal and personable and the ambiance both casual and elegant. I like to go during a quiet moment to sit at the bar, order perhaps a bowl of soup and talk with the bartender and the other folks who may be there sipping and snacking. I never feel out of place there.

Accessories of Old - I’m an old-fashioned girl at heart and this shop is full of the kind of accessories I love -- classic ribbons by the yard, which I wear in my hair or as a sash, ladies’ dress gloves, classic barrettes strong enough to actually hold my thick curls, and vintage brooches and -- joy of joys to my non-pierced ears! -- clip and screwback earrings!

Baker Park - Who doesn’t like Baker Park? It’s got everything; places to sit, places to run or walk, music, plays, festivals, quiet nooks, meandering waterways, wildlife watching and pet walking opportunities and more!

Speaking of festivals, my friend and I are going to try to make an appearance at Brazil Day at the Frederick Fairground on Sunday. Maybe we’ll see you there!

*disclosure: I was acquainted with the owner--lovely lady!--from way back, and even worked there briefly.

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