Spiders and Snakes! Oh My!

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Halloween time has approached rapidly, and I can't believe how time has just gone by this year.

Snake season had it's busy and slow days but I truly look forward to the winter when things slow down. November to March is what I call hibernation time for myself. No more 100 degree days of being in attics and crawl spaces. It is a welcome time, just to slow down, enjoy the holidays and relax.

Speaking of holidays, this weekend is Halloween and I wanted to write about our gorgeous friends, snakes and spiders. Of course, I am talking about domestic pets just like cats and dogs. Many people have snakes and spiders as pets also. When it comes to spiders, it is mainly tarantulas, although many people are afraid of these truly majestic creatures. It seems when Halloween comes around, they face danger from the same types of people who want a black cat. This occurs for many reasons.

When I lived in Michigan, I found that many humane societies do not allow the adoptions of black cats and snakes in their care. Some pet stores will not sell black kittens, snakes or tarantulas until after Halloween. There are so many horror stories, and, when writing about them, I have to choose my words very carefully. But, there are some people who just want to do harm to these animals or simply let them go after a night of partying and enjoying Halloween.

Some black cats, according to an article on KCBD.com, are even used as a sacrifice in some sort of devil or witchcraft worship. There are many people who practice this type of religion but would never bring harm upon any living thing. But than there are others who will do harm to these animals.

So, please, make sure, if you are trying to find a home for your spider or snake, you use caution when choosing the person you place your pet with. Many people have raised their snake or spider from a baby and than a terrible fate awaits them at this time of year. Do your research as there are alot of horror stories out there about this topic.

I have seen many bad things in my field at this time of year. One of the saddest was when I was called to an apartment complex and the people there had harmed a small ball python. The snake was wedged inside a car door. I had to euthanise the snake, and, well, let me say she was not a whole snake after that.

Another time someone had a gorgeous, rose hair tarantula and apparently thought that by removing the legs one by one, it produced a special power. Why people do these things is beyond anything I can comprehend. So please be very careful if you are looking to give away your pet, and perhaps you just wait until after Halloween.

Remember, don't hesitate to email me at thesnaketrapper.com if I can answer your questions about our native wildlife and snakes. Have a safe Halloween.

Tammy McCormack is a professional snake trapper and writes a regular column for fredericknewspost.com.

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