Sparkling Cold

by Naomi Pearson. 0 Comments

So--as I’ve heard multiple times in the last few days--is it cold enough for you?

After escaping Pennsylvania winters and fleeing central New York snowdrifts with the fond California childhood recollections of Christmastime beach visits, only to encounter snow nearly up to my eyes this past February here in Frederick, I totally understand the lure of migratory life in search of warmer climes.

However, despite the memory in my blood of the comparatively balmy SoCal rainy season that passes for winter, something deep in my bones craves the sparkling cold of crisp Arctic-tinged air and the fluffy crunch of snowflakes settling into layers of often unexpected or unpredictable depth.

But as much as part of me loves the visual purity of snowy weather and the cutting cleanness of winter air, the rest of my body is already looking forward to sun-baked summer, or at the least, vacation to somewhere where the temperature goes no lower than 60 degrees. (Isn’t it sad that after the last two weeks, I consider 60 degrees warm?)

Last cold season, I wrote of busmates that told stories of the winters of their youth -- when white Christmases were a given and even Thanksgiving snow showers regularly drifted down -- and marveled at the practically toasty holiday seasons they’ve been experiencing here over the last ten or fifteen years. They said that the so-called “Snowmageddon” brought back childhood memories and speculated that our climate is making a return to those patterns for the foreseeable future.

While you revel in the dustings we've had up until now, all you folks who keep wishing for snow and a “real” winter; be careful what you wish for...

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