Ch-ch-ch-changes…Wait — Why am I Using a Clichéd Lyric?

by Naomi Pearson. 0 Comments

Every time I think I’m getting a handle on catching up with getting to know my town, everything changes.

New residence, new library hours, new interchange at South and East, a new mayor, and new aldermen. (A new president!)

Over the last few years, some of my favorite shops have gone (or are going) out of business (the Irish shops on Market and at Everedy Square, Dollectibles, La Dolce Vita, Ten Thousand Joys, Proof bakery, Accessories of Old [hang in there!]), others transformed and revamped (Bombay Grill turned into Olives), and still more have moved or expanded (One of a Kind, Simply Beautiful, Chic to Chic, En Masse). And those are just the ones I frequented; there are so many more I admired but rarely stopped in, never needed to visit, or never had a chance to.

There’s all the new places! Zoe’s, East Street Beads, Sweet Recollections, Voila (the tea shop), Shannon’s Tea House....and then Frederick Coffee Company is under new ownership, too.

Even my social circle has changed. The people I became acquainted with while visiting before moving here and during my first year and a half living here have nearly all gone silent and invisible. A friend I knew from work moved closer, while one I met in town and was just getting to know moved away. And another is just gone too soon. I know that when the days get longer and warmer and I spend more time outside, I’ll get to know the neighbors that now I only recognize by sight. In the meantime, taking advantage of my nearer proximity to downtown, I’ve gotten involved with a few groups and organizations and gone out to eat more often, which have provided a chance to meet and mingle with ever-increasing numbers of people.

And I’m still getting to know myself and where I fit in (and where I’m welcomed) as a relatively new part of this town, what my sphere of influence is, how best to find a way to use my talents to enrich those within it and to make a worthwhile contribution to my community (whichever and wherever that may be), all of which continue to remain in flux.

It will be interesting to see what else changes over the upcoming year.

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