Communication Breakdown: Freebies and Newbies

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It’s Friday and the weathers nice, so I’ll leave you with an easy breezy weekend post about some free online album previews and some new local music stores!

First up and the new album I’m most excited about is Arabia Mountain by the Black Lips due for release June 7th.  The Black Lips are garage rock indie veterans.  I’ve personally liked every one of their full length albums to date and Arabia Mountain is no exception.  There is just some magic about the Black Lips blend of punk, rock, and bohemia that sets them apart from the rest in my book.  Arabia Mountain is currently available for free stream over at the most excellent Grooveshark app, but they will also be coming to the Ottobar Thursday, July 28th and I highly recommend seeing them live if you like raucous high energy rock shows… Arabia Mountain on Grooveshark.  

Next up is a freebie from NPR Music .  NPR is so awesome that it’s worth checking regularly.  I’ve gotten to preview many popular indie rock band’s upcoming albums on their website and for me previewing before I buy is a definite bonus.  Anyway, NPR’s First Listen recently featured My Morning Jacket ’s latest album entitled Circuital that was officially released this past Tuesday.  I have to admit I have a bit of a torrent relationship with My Morning Jacket.  I basically credit them with getting me truly hooked on indie rock in general and I think their earlier albums were very creative pieces during the time periods they were released.  Then I kind of lost touch with them about the time Evil Urges was released because I felt like they were playing for a more pop crowd now and losing some of that honest creative edge.  Well, curiosity caught up with me Tuesday when I found out they were broadcasting their album release concert for free through YouTube.  I’ve given Circuital a few spins and it’s not rough on the ears by any means and some say they’ve gone back to their earlier style, but I’m not sure I entirely buy into this album either.  The first half definitely appeals to me more than the later and it is more like earlier releases, but the lyrics are weaker and it definitely has a different vibe.  Any jam band, folk rock fan should certainly give it a spin however.  I think I’m just pissed that I have to pay $45 if I want to see them live (at Merriweather August 12th) and that Erykah Badu sung with them on stage this week…   Circuital on NPR .

Oh yeah, Death Cab For Cutie also has a free preview on NPR at the moment, but I’m not exactly impressed with that album either.

On to the new stores about town!  Woohoo, Frederick is now rocking three, count them one, two, three (!) music stores.  Blinding Sun Records has been holding it down for a few years now, but have recently upped their anti by hosting some local hip-hop shows, bringing in some new merchandise, and specializing in eclectic sub genres ranging from hip-hop to hardcore.  Recently newbies CD Gamexchange and Rock & Roll Graveyard have opened up shop downtown however.  CD Gamexchange is a local Maryland chain run by owner Sam Lock who has always admired our little city and jumped on a good opportunity to open up a store downtown.  They are located at 151 N. Market Street and have a huge selection of CD’s, games, DVD’s, and much much more.  The store looks great and the staff is super friendly so check them out if your strolling around market in this nice weather.  Lastly, I recently just found out about Rock & Roll Graveyard at 115-A E. Patrick Street and I’m really excited to check out the store.  I love the name of the store and the Facebook page mentions some quality rock merchandise, so I expect good things!

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