Melting! I’m Melting!

by Naomi Pearson. 0 Comments

The scorching weather of last week is definitely a sign that it’s about time to find ways to cool off from temperatures better suited for slow-cooking than human existence -- and it’s not even officially summer yet!

I admit that my go-to cool factory just happens to also be my ride to and from work -- the MARC train, with its cars of variable climate. While the AC in one car might seem on the blink, turning the ride into a spa sauna treatment (so good for the skin! what a glow we all have!), another car merits its appellation of the “the meat locker,” so dubbed by one of the regulars. The rest, mercifully, maintain various levels of comfortable coolness for their passengers.

Although occasionally the Transit buses feel more like rolling refrigerator units, in general, they remain an inexpensive escape from the burning beams of the sun, while providing both a tour of Frederick and its environs and transportation to almost any place else you'd want to go in town.

Bad for the few precious extra dollars that threaten to burn holes in our pockets, and a constant temptation for our hot little hands to welcome the products that seem to jump into them, the constant refreshment of both shade and cool air within the malls and other shopping environments beckon. Of course if you want to make it easier to resist the seductive siren call of pre-summer sales, you could choose the hauntingly nearly-vacant Frederick Towne Mall (turn away from the Boscov’s!), instead of the Francis Scott Key Mall.

This year, I plan to pick up a pass and immerse myself weekly in the mostly cool waves churned up by other folks also taking advantage of one of the Frederick City public pools, both of which are in walking distance for me. Or if you prefer, pony up the membership fee (or pay per session) to enjoy access to the less sun-baked pool at the YMCA.

It might also be a good time to look into public sessions or private lessons for the ultimate escape-the-heat activity -- ice skating at SkateFrederick!

If you prefer to eat your ice instead of sliding around on it, perhaps you can make the grand tour of Frederick’s ice cream, gelato and other frozen treat shops. Pop in and compare the offerings of super-local businesses, which include My Town Gelato and Grocery, Frederick Fudge and Ice Cream, Juliet’s Italian Market and Cafe, Pretzel and Pizza Creations, Beef n Buns n Paradise, the recently re-opened FreezKing, and The Painted Cone to products from the chains and franchises, such as Dairy Queen, Rita’s Water Ice, Ben & Jerry’s, Bruster’s, Coldstone, Maggie Moo’s, Baskin-Robbins.

The Frederick County libraries are great places to chill (especially as they just so happen to be open during the hottest hours of the day), and to pick up books about the Arctic and Antarctica. about snow and ice, about making cold drinks and ice cream and so on.

Or you could just stay home and bask in your own A/C or in front of a fan to reminisce about last winter’s four feet of snow.

Edited to add: Looks like we got a reprieve this week! YAY! We will return you to your regularly scheduled steaming next Monday.

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