My Mind is on Vacation…

by Naomi Pearson. 0 Comments

Where have I been? and there...

It's prime wedding season!

I was resting with a sketchbook under a willow in Baker Park enjoying the warm and dreamy romantic atmosphere under the swaying drooped branches, when suddenly, at the bell tower, an outdoor wedding appeared! It was super effective!(at enhancing the romance)

Two weeks ago, I found myself trekking through the Shenandoah and Blue Ridge Mountains to begin in earnest assisting with wedding plans for my sort-of-almost-not-really-and-completely-unrelated-twin as part of my first-time-ever maid-of-honor duties.

Just last week, I attended another friend's bay side wedding.

And, really, you expect me to sit inside and blog when the weather is just so gorgeous?

Come on! And so much fun stuff is going on in Frederick...Alive at Five...Festival of the Arts...Easels in Frederick last week...First Saturday and Independence Day fireworks this week!

Oh, yeah...I suppose I could blog about things like that...


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