A Little Tripped Up

by Naomi Pearson. 0 Comments

As of today, it’s about halfway through the month, and I honestly haven’t done much in the way of being out and about in Frederick. Mostly, it’s been still too hot during the week -- although the last few days have been refreshingly more comfortable (Yay to thunderstorms!) -- so I’ve just come home to water my container garden and take refuge in the coolness of my room.

The weekends though, have been a different story. I took a friend to West Virginia with me near the beginning of the month, visited with my family in Pennsylvania right after First Saturday, and attended an event in which my sister was a participant, and this past weekend hung out with some friends.

Actually I’d been hoping to get in a little more travel this month to places even more far-flung (Virginia, New York, New Mexico, Nevada, or maybe Ireland) but it doesn’t look like it’s going to happen. It looks like a lot of my fellow Frederick residents are making treks away (perhaps squeezing in a trip before school starts again), at least more than anybody did last year at this time.

I’m thinking that in lieu of the big plans I had, I may just take advantage of what we’ve got right here...after all, we’re only about three hours from the beach and just under that from mountains a bit heftier than our own Catoctin range...or I could just be a tourist in our own town and county, as I promised myself I’d do this year.

Did you have end-of-summer travel goals that fell through? What are your alternate plans?

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