Tidbits: Mid West, More West, And A Little East

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The big news here is that the technically masterful Americana singer/ songwriter Austin Lucas, of southern Indiana origin is playing this Friday (8/26) at the BlueMoon Saloone located a hop skip and a jump across the Maryland line in Shepherdstown, WV .  Lucas was born into a musically adept family, his father Robert Lucas traveled and played at summer folk, bluegrass, and old-timey music festivals every year and taught Austin how to sing before he could speak as the story goes in the Suburban home Records write up .  Austin cultivated his talent through out his childhood singing in choirs, operas, and other classical choral concerts until a change of pace into the punk and hardcore scene took up 16 of his teen and early adulthood years.  Now we find the incredibly skilled and well diversified Austin Lucas returning to his roots and releasing some of Americana ’s most beautifully orchestrated albums.  Think vocals as clean and ranging as say country super star Vince Gill and strings on point with any bluegrass guru.  Make sure you come out for some technically masterful musicianship and a little taste of the real West this Friday night.


So now that I got the big news out the way, here’s a little back story related to Austin Lucas and the BlueMoon.  Austin Lucas released two previous records ( Somebody Loves You and Collection ) on a Colorado based label called Suburban Home Records and while his latest album A New Home In The Old World was released on Last Chance Records he is still part of the Suburban Home Records family.  Cool thing is that this is the third Suburban Home Records artist to visit Shepherdstown this year.  You may remember the Joey Cape and Jon Snodgrass show this past May that I wrote a post about?  Yup, both Joey and Jon are also part of the Suburban Home Records family.  With all these great associated artists and interest in our local little ol’ Shepherdstown, I felt it was only fitting to see some Suburban Home Records artists on their own turf in Denver, Colorado .  On a recent whirl wind trip I got to catch THREE MORE members of the family at Illegal Pete’s (traveling+music+food= trifecta of perfection) in the young and trendy LODO section of Denver .  On a Tuesday night bill I found Arliss Nancy , Lizzie Huffman , Michael Dean Damron and Virgil Dickerson CEO/ Owner of Suburban Home Records supporting some of his newly signed artists.  As I’ve come to expect, the talent that night was in the vain of singer/ songwriter, folk, Americana / rock with a twist (often punk) and an honest freshness of talent.  Check out some of the videos and pictures I took that night.  I hope by now I’m not the only one excited about this Suburban Home Records/ BlueMoon connection, there’s some great music coming out of Colorado these days and it would be awesome if they kept sharing it with us!

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