Communication Breakdown: Get Ready To Party At Big Bullet Fest 2012

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Hello Frederick,

 I’m very excited to announce that Bucket Of Rock will be hosting a day party at the mighty mighty awesome Big Bullet Records presents: Big Bullet Fest 2012 (April 19th – 21st).  We’ll be mixing in some great local talent from Frederick, Hagerstown, Pennsylvania, and who knows where else with the vibrant music scene in Shepherdstown, WV.  If you are unfamiliar with Big Bullet Records or Big Bullet Fest , here is what you need to know.  Headed by Tucker Riggleman, Big Bullet Records is the largest record label in the Shepherdstown area unifying and building a community for many regional artists.  Big Bullet Fest is the annual get together usually held over a weekend in April at various venues in Shepherdstown where Tucker brings in many great regional bands he’s come across on tour and local Big Bullet Records associated artists.  Last year’s Big Bullet Fest ( recap ) showcased bands from Boston to North Carolina and included a few up and coming big names like White Wives who signed to Billy Joe Armstrong ’s (of Green Day) record label earlier this year.  I expect this year’s Big Bullet Fest to be just as stellar, so you definitely don’t want to miss it OR the Bucket Of Rock Day Party which will likely occur April 19th during regular “Happy Hour” and before Big Bullet Fest kicks off that night at the BlueMoon Saloone around 8pm.  I don’t want to give away too many details yet, but it looks like I’ve got at least three great acts on the hook and some give away prizes lined up also.  I am still looking for a few more participants however, so if you’re a musician and you’re interested in doing an acoustic set, please contact me.  We also love door prizes, so if you’re a business and want some promotion, donate a few small items and we’ll plug you 'till the cows come home' as they say.  Here is the skinny on the day party:

What: Big Bullet Fest Day Party

Where: Shepherdstown, WV

When: April 19th 2012, Happy Hour event

Payment: This will be a great promotional event with free food for artists, but no monetary compensation.  Feel free to bring a tip jar and/or band swag to sell.

Other Details: You will need to bring your own small PA system or plan on an acoustic set.

Contact: Cassandra Mullinix,

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