Frederick History

by Naomi Pearson. 0 Comments

This month, I checked out several books from the library about Frederick. These are the three pictorial volumes compiled by the Frederick News-Post.

It's pretty amazing how much of Frederick, at least downtown, looks very much the same as it did more than a hundred years ago.

It's also pretty astounding how much has been built up from vast tracts of farmland, not just in the last century, but particularly in the last twenty or thirty years.

Just yesterday, I spoke with a woman who remembers when the tiny trailer home park behind Lowe's was much larger--an entire neighborhood on its own--when the building housing May's restaurant was a little store and most of the area near FSK Mall was a farm.

There's a gentleman I met who remembers when Frederick Towne Mall, the neighborhoods behind it and the Hillcrest area was ALL farmland.

And just in my own memory, back when I used to just visit, I remember when the site of the Transit Center was a very scary place and I would never dream of walking up North Market Street anywhere past Second Street.

So much has changed; so much remains the same.

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