Oscar’s Emmy Award-winning app gets an upgrade, and you should care.

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Oscar fever: Who has it? Nobody, right? Right.

It’s been a down year for movies — that’s no secret. A gimmicky black and white silent film is honestly going to win best picture simply because it’s a gimmicky black and white silent film? And George Clooney is really going to finally take home a Best Actor trophy for a performance that doesn’t even land within the top three of his career (though, for the record, he will not be who I pick when I ultimately sit down to fill out a ballot)?

It’s true: The buzz that usually surrounds the Academy Awards is nearly nonexistent this year. Remember how excited you were when you learned that Billy Crystal was going to step in and host the telecast a few months ago? Yeah, that’s now a mere afterthought, buried deep within the sludge that is shaping up to become this year’s Oscar ceremony.

The good news? At least you’ll have a few new options when trying to navigate your way through the sludge! From the International Business Times …

“‘The Oscars App’ is the official app of the 84th Academy Awards. Last year the app won an Emmy award for its clean live-stream and interactive features, but this year the app has been taken to a new level, acting as a second screen experience for the ceremony,” the site wrote Friday. “Not only will the app provide a live telecast of the event, but it will have unparalleled exclusive back stage access, interviews and live updates — from the red carpet to the Governors Ball after party.”

Well that sounds neat, now doesn’t it?

As it goes, the app will offer four different cameras: The Thank You Cam, The Backstage Cam, The Control Room Cam and The Press Room Cam. Each of those will probably be exactly what you think they will be. Melissa Leo crying and cussing into the Thank You Cam. Anne Hathaway and James Franco being unfunny to one another on The Backstage Cam. Reporters asking Colin Firth why he didn’t win the Best Actor trophy for “A Single Man” on the Press Room Cam.

Wait. That was last year. But, yeah. You get it.

The issue with this, of course, is exactly what “Not only will the app provide a live telecast of the event …” means. Call me skeptical (or, if you so desire, you could call me Al, too), but whenever award ceremonies promise something like this, it pretty much always turns out to be everything except what it promises. Honestly — you know how many minutes I had to watch Christina Aguilera do breathing exercises on the “live Grammy stream” a couple years ago before realizing all it was, was a static camera placed in an area directly off-stage? Goodness. I began to wonder if she was about to go into labor before ultimately looking for a bootlegged stream.

Still, checking out this year’s edition of the Oscar App will most definitely be worth a shot. The thing did win an Emmy last year, after all.

But, then again, if you don’t want to chance it — hypothetically speaking, of course — you could always opt for one of those pretentious independent movie theater gatherings at which people show up dressed as movie characters to watch the show stream live on a movie theater screen.

And — again, hypothetically speaking — if you were to do such a thing, it just might be something this particular blogger is planning on doing (sans idiotic costumes, of course). Then, of course, if you weren’t hypothetically doing such a thing because of prior commitments or an unfortunate work schedule, yet you happen to be around a computer or something that connects to the Internet on Sunday — again, all hypothetically speaking — then you might want to check back here, to this particular blog, to see if TV Without A TV decides to dabble in something the kids call “live blogging” during the telecast, hypothetically speaking, of course.

In which case, many hypothetical things would have to hypothetically go right – such as, though not limited to, the pretentious independent movie theater having a reliable wi-fi connection, or, say, having access to a laptop computer that may or may not have the battery life to keep said “live blog” going. Either way, it might be a fun idea to check back here Sunday evening.

Hypothetically speaking, of course.


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