Tidbits: The Static Trees, The Record Exchange, First Anniversary, and First Saturday. Need I Say More?

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The Record Exchange (formerly known as the CD/ Game Exchange) at 151 N. Market has been taking the concept of a music store to a whole new level over the past year.  Not only is the Record Exchange building a reputation as the top record store in Frederick (and beyond realistically) selling ridiculous varieties of media at even more ridiculous prices, but the store is also becoming a great live music venue suitable for all ages.  This weekend, Saturday March 3rd the Record Exchange is hosting yet another live show feature the charming guy/girl duo The Static Trees to celebrate their one year anniversary.  This event will also coincide with Frederick’s reoccurring First Saturday celebration, so it’s sure to be a party!

The Static Trees , consisting of miss Nikki Barber, mister Dylan Whitlow, and revolving instrumental accompaniment hail from Gettysburg, PA and bring a distinct flavor of rootsy folk rock pop to our area.  I like this quote on The Static Tree’s Facebook page… “Their music is a fascinating mind-meld of roots folk/blues with a Beatlesque sense of melody and harmony and Dylanesque wordplay." -James Farrelly, The Silhouette.  They’ve had their latest CD entitled Necessary Risks on consignment at the Record Exchange and the six song album has been selling like hot cakes.  Seriously, the store just ran out of the CD’s again so I’m pretty sure this will be the third time restocking.  Anyway, Bucket Blogger loves the newly released Static Tree’s album also.  It’s like youth in a bottle… errr, a shiny round plastic disk actually.  Like your senior year in high school, your first apartment, or your first serious relationship Necessary Risks has a fun and free spirit mixed with some of the intricate realities of life.  Although I just coined The Static Trees as a folk rock pop group, Necessary Risks is quite diverse in style ranging from the gritty acoustic folk rock tune Come On (video below) to the reggae infused I Wanna Give You Chills to Nikki’s electric pop turned blues tune The Road.  So come on out and be a part of the fun Saturday at the Record Exchange starting at 7pm!

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