Rumors, rumors, rumors!

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Rumors, rumors, rumors! We love rumors! In fact, we love them so much, two separate exclamation points were used.

Actually, we love them today because they involve some pretty juicy stuff. And by “juicy,” I mean, “Apple Might Finally Announce Its Plans For Television World Domination Tomorrow,” of course.From the wonderful Christina Warren over at Mashable …

“On Tuesday, Apple officially sent out invitations for a media event on March 7,” she wrote a few days ago. “While the unveiling of the iPad 3 will certainly take center stage, it’s looking more likely that the company will also take an opportunity to refresh the Apple TV.”

Oh, the excitement.

Wait. Still not excited? OK. Check out Forbes‘ Anthony Wing Kosner and his breakdown of what the third installment of the iPad might bring …

1. A Universal Remote that can be configured for every TV in your home.

2. Room Control that allows you to “create device bundles in any room of your home.”

3. OneView that allows you to “combine both TV and DVD Player remote functionality on one screen.”

4. OneTouch that lets you to “program macros to … for instance… create a button, which turns on your TV, audio device and DVD-Player and then plays your DVD.”

5. Gesture Control, of course, allows you to do this all with the swipe of a finger.

6. TV Guide displays programming and schedules graphically, without interrupting big-screen viewing.

I know, I know. Your mind is thinking “Goodness, gracious. It’s what we always pictured the future to be! Now where is my robot maid and floating car?”

Back to the rumors. As you will see if you clicked on the above Mashable link, Warren did a fantastic job at doing some good, old-fashioned connecting-the-dots reporting and found that most every online retailer is sold out of the current version of Apple TV. She then found Mac-tastic blogs that proclaimed Apple TV will now be readily available right after tomorrow’s media event. Yes. She has the screengrabs to prove this (just click over to Mashable, and you’ll see yourself).

So … what does this all mean? Well, it means that tomorrow might be more fun than we thought (and for a Wednesday, even!). As I — along with what seemed like the entire world — wrote when Steve Jobs passed away last year, the one thing he was extremely vocal about pursuing before he died was bringing Internet-based television into the mainstream. And by “mainstream,” I mean “Every Single House In The World Will Watch Television On The Internet, Duh.”

Naturally, then, we must assume that something will be said tomorrow about which direction Apple plans to go in order to achieve TV Without A TV domination, if only because the stories about Jobs’ infatuation with such an idea only began to heat up after his passing. And this event, as luck would have it, is going to be one of the first Apple media parties since the legendary tech guy died. Serendipitous, indeed.

Yes, the world will be watching to see what kind of neat iPad features will soon be available with the next generation of the product. But the true, long-standing significance from tomorrow’s gathering might be buried within the details. Because — as Apple has proven in the past — if Apple wants to dominate a previously un-dominated industry (music, computers) with its products, Apple can indeed dominate a currently un-dominated industry (television) if Apple so chooses.

Rumors, rumors, rumors. Where would we be without them?


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