It’s birthday time, friends. Three stories for the price of one.

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Well, today is my birthday. And as a present from me to you — because really, what would a birthday really be without presents — I have decided to give you (yes, you!) a bit of a smorgasbord of a post. Instead of taking the time to aimlessly rant on one simple thing, I’m going to aimlessly rant on multiple things!

Yes. I can feel your excitement.

Besides, with our “Mad Men” posts taking up Fridays, there isn’t much room to write about the many other things that occur within the world of Internet television. Consider the following a roundup of sorts. Why? Because you only turn 28 once. That’s why. Let’s go …

A college student. Television. And the Internet. 

Do you know who Bethany McHugh is? Yeah, I didn’t either. Turns out, she’s a student at NYU who writes for the now-Pulitzer Prize-winning Huffington Post, and Wednesday, she took to the Interwebs to describe what it’s like to try out iTunes, Hulu Plus and Netflix as her main source of television.

“As a college student, it’s impossible to watch any of these (television shows) without being able to watch it online,” she wrote. “I began to ponder my options, and was immediately overwhelmed. It’s not just about wanting to watch shows not available on basic cable: how do I watch even the most basic shows when I don’t have a DVR? When I have an exam the next day? When I have work? How do I catch up?”

What does she find? Well, you’ll have to click over to find out yourself. Here’s a hint, though: iTunes is expensive and Hulu Plus doesn’t offer any pay-cable programming. Yes. Groundbreaking, it is not. Still, for all those lovely faces still enduring college out there (or for those who are just about ready to begin their four-to-87-year education trek), this should be essential reading. Remember: College isn’t about what you learn. It’s about how much money you can save for when you actually have to pay back those always-growing student loans. Yes. You are welcome.

Hey, guys, look: It’s the Chinese “X-Factor!”

In yet another example of how China rules the world, Youku, the country’s “leading Internet television company” (yes, they actually have such a thing), announced the launch of what is being billed as “Legendary Me,” a music talent show set to air exclusively on the Web. The show will be a joint effort between the television company and a variety of record labels. Don’t believe me?

“Since early March, demo videos uploaded by Youku users for the show have been viewed more than 15 million times,” a news release stated Wednesday“Youku kicked off (an) online campaign for ‘Legendary Me’ last month, nearly three years after the site launched its first online search for grassroots talents in 2009. The first spotlighted video for ‘Legendary Me’ came from Liu Meilin, a 17-year-old high school student, who recorded herself in a hallway covering the song ‘With Love.’ Liu’s video was viewed more than a million times within two hours of being featured on Youku.”

Ah-Ha! Leona Lewis, eat your heart out.

According to the release, the show is set to debut in May.

Excuse me, Senate. Mr. Rockefeller, line one.

Much like they just couldn’t help themselves when it came to baseball and steroids, a senate committee now wants to talk television. From The Hill …

“The Senate Commerce committee will meet next week to examine how online video services like Netflix and Hulu are affecting the future of television, chairman Jay Rockefeller (D-W.Va.) announced late Tuesday on his Twitter account,” Andrew Feinberg wrote Wednesday. “In a statement, Rockefeller said he’s holding the hearing because ‘[e]verything about television is changing.’”

… And along with gas prices, the McDonald’s dollar menu and the way people find “soul mates” these days, so is the weather, Mr. Congressman. Have you any desire to hold meetings on those topics?

Anyways, the fun is set to begin at 10 a.m. next week and there is currently no word on if a subcommittee will be assigned to dissect the ins and outs of Qwikster.


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