Communication Breakdown: JKutchma. Tuesday. Church St. Be There.

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I almost flipped when I saw JKutchma & The 5 Fifths pop up on Church St. Pub’s schedule for May 8th the other day.  I’m not sure what I like more about JKutchma, his natural easy going and sincere stage presence or the fact that his bandcamp tags read Americana, folk, gospel, punk, Durham.  The weight of those words, particularly folk, gospel, and punk give you a hint at the depth of emotion JKutchma both extracts and brings to the crowd.  And Durham, I’m beginning to truly believe great things come from the Carolina’s especially Durham/ Chapel Hill.  Being a card carrying member of the Local 506 , I make it a point to visit often.  Jkutchma has built a great career history for himself so far, first making big waves with the punk rock band Red Collar , then doing some really impressive solo work proving he doesn’t need a full band to put on a great show, and now with The 5 Fifths Kutchma starts another chapter in his career.  I caught a solo JKutchma show about a year ago in Shepherdstown, but I am even more excited to see his new band.  They have a new album coming out July 15th called Pastoral , so it will be a good chance to preview the new material.  Check out the single from the new album, called There’s A Light On .  Sooooo good!  I know this show is on a Tuesday and I know that SUCKS, it sucks for me too.  I’m in the middle of finals, working grueling 40 hr weeks, trying to have a little fun on the side, and doing my best to keep up with the blog, but I would not miss this show for the world.  As extra incentive, Jkutchma will also be playing with local super stars Silent Old Mtns ! ... JKutchma. Tuesday. Church St. Be There.


JKutchma solo at Big Bullet Fest 2011

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