Neighborhood Care

by Naomi Pearson. 0 Comments

I recently had the opportunity to spend some time at Frederick Memorial Hospital as a patient--first, for an emergency room visit and again several weeks later for three days.

The emergency room visit was as I expected--a long and boring wait for my turn to be seen. However, the seats were comfortable, several windows allowed in quite a bit of natural light adding a bit of cheer to the fluorescent-lit room, and there were plenty of outlets were I could charge up my phone or plug in my laptop had I had it with me.

I wasn't particularly impressed with the ER rooms (booths? cubicles?) themselves, but then, they are meant to be utilitarian, rather than lovely or comfortable. That being said, I did feel that I had more privacy than I've had in other ERs. At least until some random guy walked in and pulled back my curtain looking for (I think) a lost cell phone. A nurse quickly attended to him, but the incident was a bit disturbing. I was glad I was not at that moment changing into a gown or being examined.

On a tangentially-related side note, why is it that nobody in Frederick seems to realize that it might be a good idea to knock on closed doors to things like bathrooms or dressing room, or to call out a warning or greeting or something before whipping back a closed curtain? Curtains of course have no locks, and sometimes bathroom and dressing rooms have defective locks that the occupant may know nothing about until someone bursts in upon them. (I'm looking at you Transit Center Bathroom.) Come on people, it won't hurt you to take a few seconds for common courtesy!

Back to my topic...when I was finally seen after many, many hours (arrived at 7 pm, left well after 1 am), the medical professional were, well, professional, but demonstrated actual concern, and were surprisingly warm and friendly. While I'd rather not ever have to go back to the ER, if I did, I'd certain choose to come here.

On my more recent unexpectedly extended stay (it was supposed to be only overnight and ended up three days), I discovered the joy of getting to know the lovely ladies who were my nurses and seeing and talking with my doctors. The doctors were wicked busy, but made the time to come see me between attending to more seriously needy patients, often more than once. And my nurses...let me just say that they made me feel like I was being taken care of in my own home (of course all the remodeling FMH has done helps with the atmosphere) and by the time I left the hospital, they made me feel like they were all my friends.

I've been since transferred to another hospital, and while the folks here are professional and kind, they're so not the FMH nurses and really feel like I'm in a hospital.

At some point, I'll probably end up back at FMH for one reason or another, but that's okay, not just because I'm back in Frederick, but because even at the hospital they'll make me feel like I'm at home.


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