Missing Summer

by Naomi Pearson. 0 Comments

I had big plans for this summer -- weekly swimming, visits to pick-your-own farms, a trip to the beach, maid-of-honor duties for my best friend -- but things didn't quite work out the way I planned.

In the last month or so, I've been outside only about six times. I've been otherwise occupied, you could say, getting to know the lovely medical personnel of two different hospitals, one them being our very own Frederick Memorial Hospital, which as I mentioned in my last post, is actually a pretty nice place, especially in comparison to the other hospital that I will not name.

Fortunately, there's no need to worry. I'm doing okay; I'm healthy. Without going into too much detail, I'll just say I have a little something broken that I need time to heal from.

However, that means that I need to rest so that can happen. And THAT means all my plans have to be put on hold.

I'm also a bit sad that I'm missing out on all the Frederick-y things I love to do -- walking around downtown, going to the art shows in our various galleries and shops or to the concerts at the bandshell, checking out the Great Frederick Float, etc. -- and have written some about over the years.

As disappointed as I am by the situation, which to me means I'm missing summer, I see a super bright side -- I have not had to experience any of the hot-as-the-sun days we've had recently (so no sunburn!), I haven't had to worry about getting caught in the seemingly every-other-day thunderstorms, and I haven't had a single mosquito bite in weeks. Simple pleasures, indeed!

Still, I'll be glad to be back up and about (even in the heat!) and seeing what's new.

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