What to do when the power goes out.

by Colin McGuire. 0 Comments

… Because if you can’t turn to the Internet in time of imminent catastrophe, then where in the world can you turn?

In the spirit of short blog posts and serious matters, let’s take a minute to look at an item from The Associated Press’s David Bauder who takes a look at The Weather Channel’s coverage of the current Superstorm or Frankenstorm or Massivelyinconvenientfitofwindandrainstorm that is taking hold of the area.

“The network is planning to live-stream its television coverage online so people in the eastern United States who lose power can keep up with the news on their mobile devices,” Bauder wrote.The storm is expected to affect some 50 million people.”

And if you happen to be one of those 50 million people, you can click here to monitor the live reporting of the storm from around the world. If you prefer your coverage with a flair of local connection (insert shameless company plug), you can always check back with The Frederick News-Post.

Now, to avoid the risk of saying something offensive about a matter that is obviously a fairly serious matter, I will end this post right … about … here: Stay safe, friends.


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