Apple brings into question your own definition of the word imminent.

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“Our discussions with industry contacts suggest that at least one major N. American MSO is working to estimate how much additional capacity may be needed for a new Apple device on their broadband data network. We believe this potentially suggests an imminent launch of the Apple TV.”

So were the words of Jefferies analyst James Kisner that were reported by most every tech-leaning news outlet Thursday as the tango that Apple continues to do with its television possibilities and every inquiring mind keeps growing more suggestive. Most reporters have scoured the World Wide Internet to harp on the wording of such a statement.

Take CNet’s Josh Lowensohn, for instance, who used the definition of “imminent” as a cautionary crutch …

“As for the ‘imminent’ bit, it’s worth noting that Apple made a point to note that it’s done with its product lineup for the year,” he wrote Thursday. “At the end of the company’s iPad Mini unveiling event last month, CEO Tim Cook ran through the various launches, calling it a ‘truly prolific year of innovation.'”

Business Insider’s Jay Yarow, meanwhile, took to task the problems that the company still needs to iron out before these rumors become facts …

“We’ve been hearing about an Apple television for a long time now,” he wrote. “The big problem for Apple seems to be figuring out how to get cable companies and content companies on board. This isn’t like launching the iPad, where Apple just makes a tablet and then developers build apps.”

Time out. That’s a pretty good point. OK. Time in.

“Content makers have restrictions in their deals with cable companies on their content, which could limit what Apple would like to do. Apple has to negotiate with both groups simultaneously to crack the TV market.”

And … as we like to say whenever stories like these creep up every now and then … so it goes. The Apple TV is happening/not happening saga continues without anyone really knowing what’s ultimately going to happen. It’s like reading about former CIA directors and married men’s wives: You can’t help but pay attention, yet each time you do, you still feel at least the slightest bit confused about what the repercussions from it all may be, moving forward.

Zing! Petraeus joke!

Anyway, we now fold our arms and wait for Thanksgiving week. Cranberry sauce and mediocre football games for all. Oh, and …

Happy 150th post, friends!


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