6 Secrets to Writing a Killer Facebook Ad

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 If you’re in the business of selling products or services directly to customers, you’ll definitely want to set up a Facebook page with information about your company and what you’re selling. You can’t assume, however, once the page is up, people will come flocking to your door. You’ll probably need to drive them in your direction with a well-targeted advertisement.

Facebook ads follow a simple format — image, headline and text body — but that does not necessarily mean they are easy to create. There are a few secrets you should know before running your first Facebook ad.

Grammar and Spelling Count

Don’t use all capital letters to make your ad stand out. Online, this is interpreted as “shouting” and is more likely to annoy customers than attract them.

Although your space is limited, resist the urge to substitute letters for words. (For instance, use “you are” instead of “UR.”) Make sure all your words are spelled correctly as well. Misspellings and typos may lead prospects to believe that your work, too, will be slipshod.

Choose Interesting, Relevant Images

Your image should be interesting and have something to do with product you’re selling. A girl in a bikini is fine if you’re advertising an island getaway but not such a good idea if you’re trying to sell hand-crafted art. Remember that Facebook will ban ads containing nudity, hate speech or excessive violence.

Select Keywords Carefully

Make sure the words you use in your advertisement are common words or phrases people might search for when looking for your product or services. If you help people get rid of insects, you might choose phrases like “mosquito killer” or “get rid of cockroaches.”

Take Advantage of Demographics

When you advertise with Facebook, you get to select who sees your ads. You can identify potential customers based on age, interests, locations, connections with other Facebook users and marital status, to name just a few of your options.

When you create you ad, think of your ideal customer, the person who is most likely to buy what you are selling. For instance, a two-week luxury cruise would probably appeal more to forty-somethings with disposable income than to 18-year-old college students. Then set the demographics to match your ideal.

End with a Call to Action

Now that the customer has seen your ad, what would you like him or her to do? Visit your website? Sign up for your mailing list? “Like” your Facebook business page? Get in touch with you about a free quote?

Whatever you want the customer to do, make sure you state it explicitly in your ad. It’s nice if you can also add an element of urgency (“Call now — seats are limited”).

Don’t Overbid

Facebook gives you the opportunity to say how much you are willing to pay per click. They usually suggest an average price, and many novices simply go with that.

In most cases, though, your ad will get good exposure, even if you bid as much as 30% below Facebook’s suggested price. If you don’t like the exposure your ad is getting with a lowball bid, you can always go in and increase it later.

Facebook advertisements are a terrific way to get your Facebook page noticed, start building followers and eventually convert those followers into paying customers. The first step in this process is creating a killer ad.   

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