Happy New Year (Resolutions)!

by Naomi Pearson. 0 Comments

So I don't usually make New Year resolutions -- at least not ones that really count.

I've resolved to not eat meat; a no-brainer for me to keep since I became vegetarian when I was 12.

I've resolved to get more exercise, but since I didn't specify what kind, I just figured the 20 minute walk downtown instead of waiting around for the bus counted.

I've even resolved to eat less fast food. Also not hard for a vegetarian--there aren't a whole lot of veggie-friendly and satisfying options around here.

This year, I think I'll try some more substantial resolutions...like actually planning meals and menus.

...doing actual purposeful exercise, including stretching and cardio and weights.

...getting out and about more in Frederick County, not just the city.

...making new friends.

...streamlining my stuff. (It's not really a lot, but it could use a little purging and organization.)

....aaaaaand writing a little more regularly in this blog. (That seems like an appropriate resolution.)

Good luck to you and all your resolutions!

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