From Our Lips to God’s Ears

by Naomi Pearson. 0 Comments

Yeah, so what I said about the weather around Christmas time...I take that back. Sorry.

I just HAD to say something about unseasonable weather. We just HAD to complain about it being too warm for winter.

Be careful what you ask for, eh? From our lips to God's ears...

It was nice to have that surprise white Christmas though, wasn't it? So pretty and festive!

But now? I'm not really enjoying this aspect of winter weather--as in this teeth-chattering, full-body shivering cold. Snow, I'm okay with, as long as it's not Snowmageddon-like.

And OMG--the wind we've been having! Not trying to feel that. Literally. I'm not trying to feel the wind chills, so I'm just staying in. Yes, I have errands to run, but guess who's not doing them? Any of them that can wait are definitely waiting. And that's pretty much all of them.

I miss sunshine and all, but not enough to venture outside to experience it along with the frigid air. Nope. I will just look out the windows.

Climate change? "They" are saying that our weather is getting more severe, summers may get hotter and winters might actually get COLDER and snowier?


I'm just going to try to be content with the weather we have now, thank you very much.

Could be worse; we could be Minnesota or New England.

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