Social Media Sites and Freelance Work: A Match Made in Heaven

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Chances are, you already know social media websites such as Facebook and Twitter provide an excellent way for you to connect friends as well as important professional contacts and companies. What you may not know is social media is also a great place to find freelance work.

Whether you wish to be an independent writer, graphic designer, website designer or anything else in between, theinternet and social media sites offer a wealth of opportunities for part-time or full-time freelance work.

Put Your Best Foot Forward

If you currently attend college online or have in the past, then you already know just how useful the Internet can be for getting ahead and reaching your goals. If you plan to use your social media profiles in order to find work, however, then you need to be careful about the image you’re projecting.

If your Facebook page is littered with pictures of you out partying or if your blog is full of rants about your last employer, you’re not putting your most professional foot forward. Delete questionable photos and posts for a quick image fix; don’t forget to keep future additions clean, too.

Make Connections

Is there a company that you long to work for? Try “friending” or “liking” the company’s page or products. Once you’ve done this, you can easily post positive comments and send messages directly to the person responsible for managing the page.

By forming an online relationship, you can easily offer your services, show all that you know about a particular brand or company and up your chances of working with that company. Just make sure to keep all communication professional; also, always use correct grammar and relevant terminology.

Be an Online Expert

One thing most successful freelancers have in common is they are all experts. So, once you’ve found your niche, work it to the best of your ability! If, for example, you wish to be a freelance writer, publish articles on writing on social media sites and join a wide variety of freelance writing networks online. The more ways you can show your expertise and have your name be connected to the work that you do, the better!

Classified Ad Sites Are Your Friends

Locally based classified ad type sites, such as Craigslist , can prove a valuable tool for those interested in freelance work. There are many highly specialized sections listing jobs, internships, and other professional opportunities in the field of your choice. Do be aware that sites like this often contain some scams, but if you’re willing to sort through them, you can actually find some real, well-paid work.

Avoid paying for access to job postings, however; there are many free ways to secure online freelance work.

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