Friday, May 24 – Old National Pike District Park

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(Click any photo to enlarge.) ***Scroll down to see my offer for Red Cross donations.*** No Smurfs at home today. False "blossoms" in the woods. On this chilly and windy day, all I really wanted to do was to stay inside, curled up with my book and a cup of tea.  But I reminded myself that I have walked in  much worse weather, and in my opinion, chilly/windy is better than 98 degrees with high humidity, so I turned off the Kindle and went to the park. Tulip Poplar Blossom on Bench When I arrived at the park, there was only one other person, a dog walker.  Normally, after school on a Friday in late May, the playground would be full of kids and families, but the weather must have deterred them, too. Like pages in a book. There is a woodland trail at the park, so that's what I chose to walk today, never having taken it before.  It is well laid out, with mulch covering the log-lined paths.  It goes up and down and around, with numerous benches placed along the way, courtesy of the Boy Scouts.  The only sound in the woods other than the blowing leaves was the roar of traffic on Rt. 70 nearby. Mushroom on a log Because of the recent wet weather, there were a number of mushrooms growing both in and along the path.  I love putting my camera right down with the mushrooms and making them seem as big as trees.  The wind was blowing all the leaves so that their silvery backsides were showing; from a distance, it looked like white blooms. All in all, getting outside was worth it for a nice walk in the woods.  As one of my Facebook friends just posted, it was "Not a bad day outside for March." Click on any photo to enlarge it. ************************************************* I've had ONE taker so far, other than my own donation.  Will you be the next? Forward me by email any receipt for an online donation made to the Red Cross for disaster relief, and I will send you a 5x7 print of your choice from any of my daily photo walks or from my website.  Offer good until September 2, 2013. Visit my web site: Follow me on Twitter: @camscamerashots Email: Cam's rules for the Daily Photo Walk: walk every day the walk must be in addition to any other planned activity for the day post a photo every day use whatever camera is easy and convenient for walking comfortably; always have a backup camera at the ready in case of mishaps (I use the Nikon Coolpix P7700) no weather excuses walk only where it is safe to do so

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