Grumpy Cat is getting a movie …

by Michael Hunley. 0 Comments

The Grumpy Cat meme, which began late last year and quickly took over the world, has become so popular that a movie starring Grumpy Cat (real name: Tardar Sauce) is on the way. And so it begins ...

The film is coming from the company that produced "Paul Blart Mall Cop" (naturally) and will feature Grumpy Cat talking (because sure, why not) and will most likely be worse than any movie the reanimated corpse of Ed Wood could make because it is a film BASED ON A PICTURE OF A CRANKY CAT. I would like to make the casting suggestion of Jeremy Renner as Grumpy Cat, however, for the obvious reasons.

A meme, by its nature, is supposed to die out after a few weeks so it can be replaced by something newer and even more inane. It's the circle of life. Making an actual feature-length Grumpy Cat film (I hesitate saying it'll be shown in theaters because this has "straight-to-laserdisc release" written all over it) just over-lengthens the meme's sell-by date, polluting whatever good will one had toward it in the first place. And it'll just open up the door for more meme-based movies, and the only one I'd pay money for is a big-screen remake of Scarlet Takes a Tumble (in 3D, of course).

The Grumpy Cat franchise looks like it's here to stay, though, especially with the news that someone is making a Grumpy Cat drink (DO NOT DRINK THAT). And don't get me wrong, I'm probably going to see this movie, but I'm going to hate myself for it.

Also, I think we can all agree that the Grumpy Cat movie will most likely be better than whatever this Jaden Smith-Will Smith "After Earth" disaster is.

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