Black and White and Red All Over (Coming this October)

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Good news, everyone!  We are getting our very own beer commissioned!  It's the 130th Anniversary of our own Frederick News-Post this October, and to celebrate we are taking a page (get it???) from The Coloradoan as reported by Editor and Publisher and getting our very own beer made to celebrate!  Chris and I are representing the FNP and are partnering with the fine folks at Monocacy Brewing Company to develop a hoppy red ale.  We are still in the early phases of planning, but here's what we have sketched out so far:

We like the name "Red All Over." There will be lots of hops; possibly even wet hops from a local hop farmer.  It will include locally grown and malted barley and possibly rye.  It will be a fairly limited release at first, probably 15 barrels, but if folks like it Monocacy will consider making it a harvest seasonal. It will be served at various FNP Anniversary events and at various places in Frederick. 

We are very excited for this opportunity for a lot of reasons: 

Monocacy makes one of our favorite beers, Riot Rye.  We, but especially I, love red IPAs.  We feel that it is a underrepresented style that deserves more respect.  The FNP will be documenting that heck out of the process, with a photo journalist snapping photos at every step, various news articles, and of course blog posts. by yours truly.  We get to be a part of creating a new commercial beer.

So keep your eyes peeled for more info.   And this October be ready to answer the age old riddle, "What's black and white and red all over?"

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