Making Up for a Lost Summer

by Naomi Pearson. 0 Comments

A year ago today, my adventure in getting up close and personal with Maryland hospitals began, which resulted in me missing the whole summer. This year, I’m determined to make as much of the summer as possible.

I’m going to the farmer’s markets and plan to make several visits to local pick-your-own farms and orchards (already missed the strawberries!) for my fresh produce.

The concerts in Baker Park, a few Alive at Five events and the First Saturdays are definitely on my calendar.

Maybe this year, I’ll finally get my pool pass and start swimming again--or at least having a great water-splashing time.

My plan to be a tourist in my own town is back on the agenda, and I’m eyeing the Taney House and Rose Hill Manor as a couple of my first choices.

And of course, I have to make the downtown rounds; it looks like a lot of things are changing again--Dancing Bear Toys’ new location, Little’s going-out-of-business sale (:sad face:), etc.

I wonder what else I can pack into the all-too-short summer....

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