Milkhouse Brewery at Stillpoint Farm

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Milkhouse Brewery, Stillpoint Farm’s farmhouse brewery, holds the distinction of being the first farmhouse brewery in Maryland, and we believe it will quickly be known as a place to get amazing beer.

Tom Barse, the brain, brawn, and creative force behind the operation started home brewing 41 years ago. After Maryland passed a law allowing Class 8 Farm Brewery Licenses Milkhouse installed a 10 barrel system and started brewing in December, mostly pilots for their launch beers Stairway to Hoppiness IPA and Red Eye Porter.  Currently Milkhouse is not bottling their beers, but will begin bottling conditioning their beers in 22 oz bombers within six months.

These guys are true craft brewers.   They are currently producing at a pace of 200-300 barrels a year and have a capacity of 500 per year.  They do no filtering, and no automation, and will be experimenting with wild hops and wild yeast soon which we are very excited about.

Their beer is tasty, and the Mount Airy farm and brewery are beautiful and peaceful.  But don’t take my word for it, check out these photos:

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