Thursday, August 22 – Little Bennett Regional Park

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Sculpture by the Mill
The History of the Mill

When I did my walk in Hyattstown earlier this year, I encountered the Little Bennett Regional Park, so today I decided to return there for my walk.

The park is one of the largest naturally preserved areas in Montgomery County, with over 3700 acres and 20 miles of trails.  Because it is so large, the park has entrances on Rt. 355 at Hyattstown, a couple of places along Clarksburg Road, and one for horse trailer parking on Lewisdale Road.  The park also contains Montgomery County’s only camping area and the Little Bennett Golf Course.

The trail I walked
Another Suspended Leaf

I parked at the lot by the Hyattstown Fire Department and walked the lane to the old mill building.  I’ve included a photo of the information marker next to the mill building, because it was very interesting reading.  The mill building is now used as an arts center.

Just beyond the mill is the beginning of the Western Piedmont Trail, which follows the old Hyattstown Mill Road.  Because I knew I was likely to be the only person walking on this trail today, I took my walking stick, my cell phone, and my pepper spray, in case there were any stray dogs or snakes along the way.  Luckily, I did not have to use any of my precautions.

Mineral Gathering
Serene Stream

The trail is an old gravel road, which is well maintained.  Whenever I encountered sunny areas, there were butterflies fluttering around, landing on the gravel.  Apparently, this is a way for butterflies to get minerals, when they sip the wet areas between stones.  I have noticed this phenomenon on a number of my walks, but I never knew what they were doing until I researched it today.

Japanese Stiltgrass

lines the path

Along the sides of the trail, particularly in open areas, there was loads of invasive Japanese stiltgrass.  John and Meg had lots of it growing in their wet areas on my walk last night, and although John told me it was Japanese swordgrass, the true name is stiltgrass.  I have noticed lots of it in areas by rivers and creeks when I am on my walks.

Colors and Textures

The road paralleled and then crossed the Little Bennett Creek, where the clear water was flowing well today.  There were small, minnow-like fish in the water.

I turned around when I got to Prescott Road, and returned the way I had come.

I had another nice walk in the woods today, keeping company with the butterflies.


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