Tuesday, August 27 – New Market, the “back” roads

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79 Degrees
Fire Siren

Not New Market again, you say?  When I get in a crunch mode for time, as I am today, I fall back on what is easy.  But to give it a twist, I decided to walk the “back” roads.

Paralleling Main Street is a road that starts on the east side of the fire hall and ends about a quarter mile away, with Main Street on the left and the busy roar of traffic going by on I-70 to the right.   This road is appropriately named South Alley.  Along it are some homes, deep back yards of homes facing Main Street, and the New Market Grange Hall.

Lichen the crab apple!
Left Hanging

I turned left on Federal Street and walked north, crossing Main Street, and then turned left onto the appropriately named North Alley.  Along it I passed a Verizon building, the New Market Methodist Church (1821), two cemeteries, backyards of homes facing Main Street, and a pond near the side yard of the elementary school that was covered in duck weed.

Come on in!

I had walked North Alley before, but never South.  Which brings me to a good point when walking old, familiar towns.  Go down the side streets.  Look for the back alleys. They may not present the best “faces” to visitors, but they can make for some very interesting photo opportunities.

Sinking into the graveyard

Enjoy your day — I’m off to the shower!


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