Sunday, September 1 – Black Hills Regional Park

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Stripey Guy
Backlit Thistle

Monarchs have been in short supply this year.  On my walks I have seen hundreds of yellow and black swallowtails, but until today, only two monarchs.  There has been a decline in their population this year, and experts speculate that it is due to changing weather patterns and over development, which deprives monarchs of the only plant upon which they lay their eggs:  the common milkweed.  Another theory is that the planting of GMO corn in the Midwest has led to greater use of herbicides, which also kills milkweed.  Either way, the beautiful orange butterfly is in trouble.

Tagged Monarch at Black Hills
Colorful Kayaks

I drove today to Black Hills Regional Park in Montgomery County, because they were having a monarch butterfly weekend.  Inside the visitor center they had plastic “environments” for butterflies, in which a number of monarchs had emerged from their chrysalises.  They released about thirty of them yesterday, after tagging their wings with little stickers that can be used to track how far they have flown if they are found.  I was lucky enough to get one clear enough to read.  More information can be found at Monarch Watch.

One More Day!

After leaving the butterfly garden, I walked along a portion of the lake.  The park was packed with people on this holiday weekend.  It was hot and sunny, and under any available shade people had set up picnics.  Families were playing ball, fishing, or going for a walk.  Lots of people were renting kayaks and rowboats to use out on the lake.

Dragonfly in the Visitor Center

After I left the park, I headed straight for Damascus to get a Jimmie Cone.  I can blame this completely on a group of young people who walked through the butterfly garden while I was there.  They were debating the merits of Jimmie Cones versus soft serve from McDonalds.  One of the young men said there was no difference.  Ah, but there is.  If I remember correctly, most soft serve ice cream is low in butterfat, but Jimmie Cone has one of the highest butterfat contents around.  It’s that butterfat that gives Jimmie Cones a luscious “mouth feel.”   I can affirm that it is good.

Tomorrow is the big day.  I’m ready.  Bring it on!


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