Scenes from the Pry Barn

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Museums and historic buildings aren’t just used for displays and exhibits, sometimes they can be used for outside functions such as meetings, dinners, concerts, parties, or even weddings.  Hosting functions such as these creates issues beyond the normal ones for planning an event.  Not only is visitor safety a concern, but the artifacts and exhibits must be protected as well.  Ideally though, these events take place in areas which do not contain artifacts!


The Pry barn at the Pry House Field Hospital Museum is used for various programs. Normally there is a display of reproduction medical items inside the barn including stretchers and an ambulance. This makes it easier to use for events, since there are

no artifacts involved.



Sometimes the barn is used for museum events, such as this Soldiers’ Fair last year. You can see that the main area of the barn has been cleared out for this event.


The barn has also been used for other events, such as this banjo concert. Yes, that is the museum’s Director, George, playing the banjo!


During the Battle of Antietam, the Pry barn was used as a field hospital for the wounded soldiers.  Last week, it was utilized for a much different purpose than the treatment of wounded and dying soldiers.  Tom, the Superintendent out at the Pry House, got married there!


The barn’s large haymow made a good dance floor!


It was an interesting contrast to attend a wedding ceremony at the barn, while knowing its history.  Though about 400 soldiers were treated there, undoubtedly not all of them were able to be saved.  I rather liked the idea that the barn was now a “witness” to a much happier event.


Congratulations Tom & Tori!




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