Life Through My Lens: My Photo Walk — Week Two, Monocacy Meanderings

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Nature's Artwork

Nature’s Artwork



My walk with friend Gary took place in several locations. Gary wanted to photograph ice on the Monocacy River, so I told him we needed to head out to Gambrill Mill, first. I had just been there, but there’s always more I can find to photograph with my camera, especially as the warming temperatures began to change the shape of the ice.

Keeping it cool!

Keeping it cool!

Rolling River

Rolling River

We walked the same area I had walked the day before, then drove to a number of spots in the county. Last year I had photographed a giant formation on a rock face on Michael’s Mill Road near Buckeystown, so we drove there to find it again, and it was huge and well formed. I made sure Gary took my photo in front of the ice, to give it scale. The Monocacy was also rolling over a small dam, probably part of the old raceway for the mill that used to be on this road. The blue sky reflected nicely in the water.

I can hear you saying "Awww!"

I can hear you saying “Awww!”

We continued to the Monocacy Acqueduct, where there were a number of deer — at least 15 — just hanging out in the woods by the road. They know when they are in a protected, safe location.

Gives new meaning to "black ice."

Gives new meaning to “black ice.”

Last, we drove to Noland’s Ferry, and as we drove under the stone overpass, I made Gary stop the car. There were amazing black ice formations on the stone walls. Water had seeped out of the stone, freezing on contact. It looked like frozen tar. I’m not sure why it was black — perhaps soot from cars and trucks? This is not a heavily traveled road, by any means, and the ice had not been there more than a week. Who knows?

Graffiti Girl

Graffiti Girl

While I was photographing the black ice, I also took a photo of the graffiti that is invariably on the walls of underpasses such as this. I kind of like her haunted look.

I may have overdone the ice photos, but I have to get them while the getting is good. I’m welcoming warmer temps, though, even if they will be accompanied by rain.

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