It’s Super Bowl weekend! Stream the game for free! So many exclamation points!

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This is Peyton Manning. (Photo courtesy The Associated Press)

This is Peyton Manning. (Photo courtesy The Associated Press)

All right, friends. You know what time it is. You know what this weekend beholds. You’ve heard all the chatter, read all the stories, watched all the prepackaged features about charity work and rough family lives. You’ve certainly read this fabulous column by the fabulous Josh Smith on Richard Sherman and how he’s a breath of fresh air. You have a stockpile of delivery coupons from your favorite pizza spot. You’ve talked to your friends, purchased the nacho cheese and figured out that weird, exotic recipe for some type of chicken dip. You’ve done all you can do.

Because the Super Bowl is set to take flight Sunday night, and you — yes, you! — can’t wait.

Why? Because just like CBS did last year, and just like NBC did the year before, the game will be offered for free (free!) online and all you have to do is click over to Fox Sports Go. Be my grenade, Todd Spangler ...

“Fox Sports will use Super Bowl XLVIII as a showcase for its online and mobile authentication service for pay-TV subscribers, offering a free, one-day ‘preview’ of Fox Sports Go during TV’s biggest event,” he wrote for Variety. “The special preview of Fox Sports Go will allow all users in the U.S. to access content from 12 a.m. Eastern on Sunday, Feb. 2, until 3 a.m. Eastern on Monday, Feb. 3. The live stream of Super Bowl XLVIII will be available on iPads in the Fox Sports Go app and on desktops at, only within the United States. However, because of the NFL’s deal with Verizon Wireless, Fox does not have rights to stream the Super Bowl to smartphones; to watch the game on a phone, fans must to subscribe to the NFL Mobile from Verizon service.”

Because of my unhealthy obsession with my dear Roku, I decided to take a peek at the Fox Sports service/application (just follow that above link and you can do so as well). And I found … the thing is available for only the Apple TV! Interesting, interesting. It’s like, what’s your deal? This and iTunes are the only things you can’t find on the Mr. Ro P. Ku? What’s next, guys — iFox Sports Go?

What makes it all the more odd is how prevalent other Fox products are when it comes to the Roku. They all but slam the Fox News app down your throat while the normal Fox channel offers its own selection of programs as well. Couple that with the notion that ESPN is both available and free (as long as you have a cable subscription log-in, of course) — and Fox Sports 1 is about three Fox Sports Lives away from complete and utter dissolution due to its awful ratings — and you have to question what in the name of Michael Strahan the network’s problem might be.

One great point already made? “Someday, content providers are going to realize that they’re ALL computers, and it’s absurd to say ‘this one, called a set-top box, can’t access these things, but these other computers, which connect the same way, can access them’. But we’re not there yet.” That came from this forum discussing the Roku channel options and the reasons why some are available while others aren’t.

Because honestly, guys: You’re going to put this thing out there for tablets and desktops, but making the jump to a service that allows people to watch television on an actual TV is too much to handle? What’s next? CDs that have technology disabling users to put songs in their computers?

Oh, wait. That already happened.

Anyway, here’s to Fox Sports Go eventually figuring out that it might actually need Roku more than Roku needs it. That ratings problem won’t fix itself, you know. In the meantime, here’s to a fun and safe Super Bowl weekend to all. And to all, of course, a goodnight.


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