Comcast and Netflix. Whoa, There.

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This is a mean looking cord. (Photo courtesy The Associated Press)

This is a mean looking cord. (Photo courtesy The Associated Press)

All right, friends. It’s quick and dirty today. Some dynamite went boom Sunday, and you — yes, you! — should care. Or, well, at least you should care if you’re in bed with Comcast. Or Netflix. Or Time Warner. Or a puppy.

That last one was a joke.

Take it away, Joe Rodriguez, from the San Jose Mercury News

“Netflix and Comcast annnounced a deal Sunday to speed up the delivery of movies and television shows to millions of customers,” he wrote yesterday. “The stunning agreement could usher in a new era in the relationship between content providers like Netflix and the companies, like Comcast, that own the Internet’s ‘pipes.’ While the new arrangement was reportedly settled at a Vegas sit-down between top executives, what probably won’t be settled for a while is the brewing argument about new powers won by high-speed Internet service providers over what Americans can see on their personal screens in the future.”

What does it mean? Well, it means prices for pretty much every service involved might go up. It means we get to talk about the phrase “net neutrality” again without ever really understanding what it means. It means the death of the middle man. And, most interestingly, it means that high-level, multi-billon-dollar deals really do go down at electronics trade shows in Las Vegas, even while the rest of the crowd is salivating over some type of 92-D video game down the hall.

Oh, and there’s this, too:

“We now have an Internet service provider telling content providers that the only way its service can work is if you pay an extra fee,” Michael Weinberg of Public Knowledge, an advocacy group, said to USA Today about the Netflix/Comcast pact. “The Internet service provider is injecting itself into the relationship between Netflix and its customers.”

That came from Rodriguez’s article as well (turns out I’m not the only one citing quotes from other stories other people write! Hey, I can’t help it if the big boys don’t deem the Frederick News-Post as important as USA Today!). Couple that with the news not too long ago that Comcast just ate Time Warner for lunch, and somebody, somewhere has to be getting that top-hat ready for a game of Monopoly, no?

I mean, wow. How many TV deals can be done by the same company before Uncle Sam steps in and says, “Hold on, you don’t need an 83rd yacht in the KableTown port, now do you?” For those interested in reading more about the deal, click here. For those interested in reading a far-better-than-this blog post on “Comedians In Cars Getting Coffee,” click here. For those interested in checking out the rest of Rodriguez’s piece … well, you already have the link at your finger tips.

And for those interested in learning what the best movie of 2013 truly was, all Oscar talk be darned, click here and utilize that Prime membership. Now, to all a good night.


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