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A couple of weeks ago I was interviewed by a student from the Defense Information School at Fort George G. Meade for a news story about the museum for his class.  I did a similar interview last year, so I knew it involved being filmed.  While I am happy to help in these projects, I have to confess that I am much more comfortable behind the camera rather than in front if it!  However, I’ve learned that one way to help promote my museum and the artifacts and exhibits here, is to promote my work as the museum’s curator.  It is certainly not an aspect of the job which I anticipated when I first started into museum work as a collection manager.  I thought I’d just be taking care of the artifacts!

It’s much easier when the artifact is the star of the photo!

I also have to admit that over time doing these interviews has become a little easier.  I’m sure it’s partly due to having done a few of them now.  Mostly though, it’s the interviewer’s reaction to learning more about the museum.  While I may not like seeing the camera pointed at me, I DO enjoy telling people why I love my job at this museum.  I’ve found that many times my enthusiasm for the museum and the artifacts is transferred to them.  Really, that’s another aspect of caring for the artifacts, because if I can’t show people how the artifacts are also important to THEM, I’m not doing my job correctly!

So, I would like to thank Staff Sergeant H. William A. Bracy, USAF for his time and his enthusiasm in making this video of his recent trip to the NMCWM:


Photo courtesy of the National Museum of Civil War Medicine.

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