The ABC’s of Transit: C is for Connector

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If you aren’t familiar with a “Connector bus” look no further than Frederick County. TransIT maintains a fleet of 26 large-scale public buses that serve Frederick City and urbanized areas of Walkersville. Connector buses travel over 664,000 miles a year to provide service to medical, employment, education and shopping centers. TransIT Connectors alone provided over 776,000 trips in fiscal year 2013. TransIT operates the Connectors Monday-Friday 5:40am-9:30pm and Saturdays from 7:30am-9:45pm over nine routes. Each route is denoted with a specific color on the Ride Guide map for easy trip planning. Six of the nine Connector routes provide deviated-fixed route service Monday-Friday (denoted by an “F” on the route schedules). These routes can deviate within a ¾ mile corridor along the route. The cost for a deviation is $2.00 and must be scheduled one day in advance through TransIT offices. Learn more about deviations in the next blog: “D is for Deviation.” Information doesn’t stop with facts and figures, however.
TransIT owns numerous types of Connector buses. They are all wheelchair accessible and twenty-three (23) buses are also equipped with a “kneeler” feature, which allows the front of the bus to lower five inches to make the step from the curb to the bus easier. Drivers will engage this feature upon request. Thirteen buses are 32.5’ Orion brand, five are 30’ Thomas brand, six are 29’ Gillig brand and two are 35’ Gillig hybrid buses. They each hold an average of 26-32 passengers at any given time, varying by model. TransIT seamlessly transitions between routes even using additional buses during peak service hours (early morning and mid-afternoon) each day. TransIT offers opportunities to ride the bus several times a year for free, including: Earth Day in April, Dump The Pump Day in June and Car Free Day in September.

To learn more about the mechanics of Connector buses, watch this YouTube series on “How It’s Made: Transit Bus”


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