SCOTUS To Aereo: Oh, No, You Won’t.

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Yeah, he's probably not smiling today. (Photo courtesy The Associated Press)

Yeah, he’s probably not smiling today. (Photo courtesy The Associated Press)

(Note: There was no “Orange Is The New Black” post last week because of this. It will resume this week).

This will be short, but it’s imperative to get it out there as it breaks: This blog’s favorite weirdly named Internet start-up just saw its life flash before its tiny-antennae-d eyes. From Mark Sherman of The Associated Press …

“The Supreme Court ruled Wednesday that a startup Internet company has to pay broadcasters when it takes television programs from the airwaves and allows subscribers to watch them on smartphones and other portable devices. The justices said by a 6-3 vote that Aereo Inc. is violating the broadcasters’ copyrights by taking the signals for free. The ruling preserves the ability of the television networks to collect huge fees from cable and satellite systems that transmit their programming.”

(Side: Looks like opting for a Roku last year wasn’t such a bad idea.)

We’ll have a lot more on this in the coming weeks, of course, as reaction, appeals and something called “hot takes” continue to trickle out. For now, though, I will only reiterate the same thing I’ve been reiterating about Aereo, literally, for years now: Music had Napster. TV has Aereo. Now, who wants to stay up all night with me to work on what television’s iTunes might or could one-day be?


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